RBI Leaders

Hugo Valdes 31
Greg Veliz 30
Steven Wells 22
Darren Miller 20


AVG Leaders (40+ AB)

Greg Veliz .463
Steven Welles .455
Darren Miller .442
Hugo Valdes .425



Home Runs Leaders

Steven Wells 3
Hugo Valdes 3
Darren Miller 3
Greg Veliz 3


Hits Leaders

Steven Wells 40
Greg Veliz 37
Hugo Valdes 34
Andy Perez


Pitching Leaders

Greg Veliz 8-0 0.90 ERA  
Brandon Presley 6-2 1.81 ERA  
Steven Wells 4-0 0.27 ERA  2SV
Jay Feathers 4-0 3.07 ERA  

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MLBStatoftheDay .@CC_Sabathia has been on the mound for all three of the @Yankees' most recent triple plays - 2010, 2013 and 2014.
MLBStatoftheDay Today’s @BlueJays-@Twins first pitch was a temperature of 31 degrees, the coldest game in Minnesota outdoor baseball in @Twins history.
MLBStatoftheDay RHP Jean Machi is first @SFGiants pitcher since Bob Shaw in 1964 to have three relief wins this early into the season (15 team games).

The documentary Baseball by Ken Burns is an eleven DVD set that takes you from the early days of baseball in the 1800's up to today.    The documentary gave me a greater understanding of the game I have a passion for.  From kegs of beer used as a reward to making it to third, to the Babe being teased as a youth to the steroid area of the early 2000's.   It is will provide you with many hours of amazement in how baseball developed into the game we have today.



The Mental Game of Baseball by H.A. Dorfman provides the reader with an outlook on approaching the game of baseball.   Baseball is more a mental game than physical which is why a non-typical athlete such as Greg Maddux became one of baseballs best pitchers.   Not only is this a book for the baseball player but for any aspect in a person's life.

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