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MLBStatoftheDay Most strikeouts by a @Cubs pitcher since Mark Prior’s 16-K game vs. CIN on 9/30/2004. End of story.
MLBStatoftheDay .@RealKingFelix becomes @Mariners' all-time leader in career starts with 324, breaking tie with @jmo50Moyer.
MLBStatoftheDay Melky Cabrera has 17 extra-base hits this July - the most since at least 1914 for any @WhiteSox switch-hitter.
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The documentary Baseball by Ken Burns will provide the view hours of baseball history from kegs at third baseball to in the 1800's to the steroid era.    This is a must see to understand how the game of baseball is ingrained in the heart of the US.  The documentary is available on NetFlix as well as being purchased on Amazon.


One of the type five baseball movies, The Natural with Robert Redford.   This is a must see for those who view baseball as more than a game, but part of the soul of this United States.

The documentary Baseball by Ken Burns is an eleven DVD set that takes you from the early days of baseball in the 1800's up to today.    The documentary gave me a greater understanding of the game I have a passion for.  From kegs of beer used as a reward to making it to third, to the Babe being teased as a youth to the steroid area of the early 2000's.   It is will provide you with many hours of amazement in how baseball developed into the game we have today. - MLB

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