MLBStatoftheDay Four pitchers have 3 CGs this season: Kershaw, Sale, Cueto … and @Knucklepuck23.
MLBStatoftheDay Best FIP in a season since 1913: @45PedroMartinez, 1.39 in 1999 @ClaytonKersh22, 1.49 in 2016 😮
MLBStatoftheDay .@ClaytonKersh22 is facing professionals, we promise.
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The documentary Baseball by Ken Burns will provide the view hours of baseball history from kegs at third baseball to in the 1800's to the steroid era.    This is a must see to understand how the game of baseball is ingrained in the heart of the US.  The documentary is available on NetFlix as well as being purchased on Amazon.


One of the type five baseball movies, The Natural with Robert Redford.   This is a must see for those who view baseball as more than a game, but part of the soul of this United States. - MLB

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